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September 2, 2011


I've had trouble posting.

It's not blogger's fault.

It's mine.


The results for Sweetums's tests came back.

She is no longer considered a pre-diabetic. Yay!

Adrenal panel was normal. Phew!

There is a simple cyst on her right kidney.

The nephrologist will be keeping tabs on that.

We saw the cardiologist again this Monday.

The diagnosis at this point is essential hypertension.

This means there isn't a cause for the high blood pressure.

Essential seems a weird way to describe it.


Echo cardiogram was repeated.

No change.


Sweetums's medications were doubled.

The cardiologist remains "cautiously optimistic"...

We will see him again in two months.

Prayerfully, her heart will be stronger.

The wisdom teeth will have to wait.


All of Sweetums's life, I've been on guard...

I must have let that guard down.

Gotten caught in a lull...

Why else would I not see that something was going on?

That question is on a loop in my brain.

I am sad.

I am worried.

I am without words.


  1. If I may repeat the word the gynaecologist said to me; '... you did not do anything wrong. These things happen to people...'

    Know there are many arguments why should not know, sitting so far away one. Still, I think you are an amazing mother.

  2. (Hugs), Lisa - you are a fantastic mother and take such good care of Sweetums. This is NOT something you could have known or prevented, so don't waste time blaming yourself. Love you!

  3. (((Hugs))) Retha and Carrie are 100% right. You are a wonderful mom. The best Sweetums could ever have gotten. You take care of her and protect her. There was a lot of good news in the results. Try to focus on that more than the question marks.

    Much love to you both!!

  4. I am fourthing what everyone else has said! It is so right on!

    You are an amazing mother and sweetums is one lucky kid!

    Sending prayers and good thoughts your way!!!

  5. Oh, how could you have prevented it? You are a great mom…I'm so sorry this is happening, but if she has you, things will be ok, and I'll be praying for you too.

  6. Holy smokes girl, have you had your hands and heart full! My prayers will be more specific for you and yours. I admire you muchly!


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