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August 24, 2011


Yesterday was the day of Sweetums's kidney tests.

An ultrasound and renal doppler.

Since no needles were involved, you'd think it'd be a cinch.


It was more like World War III.

There were almost casualties in the women's changing room when the howler monkey decided she wasn't trading in her street clothes for a hospital gown. Can you guess who won that battle? Ahem.

Others had to wonder what was going on behind our curtain...

Especially when I began to pray... Out loud.

I popped my head out long enough to inform the registrar that she might want to inform the x-ray technicians about Sweetums's distress.

Her eyes were wide as she replied that she'd "make a note of it..."

By test time, the howler monkey had quietened down a bit and was soothing herself by singing Band on the Run... BWAHAHA.

"If we ever get out of here..."

Complete cooperation during the whole ultrasound/doppler.

Well, almost complete anyway.

At certain points, the tech asked Sweetums to hold her breath. She held it in her mouth, but was still breathing through her nose. Chuckle.

We are waiting on the results...



  1. I don't mean to laugh, but the way you tell it, it's funny! Glad you both survived.

  2. You are doing such a wonderful job!
    Waiting with you to hear the outcome. xx

  3. I totally agree with her on the hospital gown thing.

    Those are just NOT cool. Good for both of you to make it through alive! Yay!

  4. I'm with sweetums.. Have you seen those gowns!! Awful things!!

    Keep us posted on the results..

  5. Sorry I'm so late in catching up. Glad it is over with. That poor registrar was probably scared witless - bwahahaha. Loved Sweetums holding her breath. And her singing. :)


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