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May 14, 2011


Ann once dated a boy that had a brother-in-law known as Art the Fart.

I don't remember quite how I had him pictured, but I do remember that the reality of him came as quite a surprise.

The Fart was actually not a bad looking fellow...

It's just that his hair grew up instead of down.

I thought of The Fart the other day as I was trying to get ready to take Sweetums for an appointment in town with an oral surgeon.

Her wisdom teeth are trying to come in, and the upper ones (at least) will have to come out. Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.

I don't know if it's because I was harried, or if there was something different in the water, but my Moe had gone decidedly Farty.

I looked like a clown.

I suppose it was fitting...

The time we spent in the waiting room was like being in a circus.

Our appointment was for 10:15.

The longer we were there, the wilder Sweetums got.

I felt like I was wrestling a monkey.

An anxious, nearly 6 foot tall, howler monkey.

They do have those in the circus don't they?

Or is that the zoo?

A cage would definitely have come in handy.

At least she wasn't flinging poo.

Although given an opportunity...

Seeing other patients come out after surgery made us both feel green.

We made quite a pair.

At 11 :15, I escorted the howler monkey to a bench outside.

I figured the fresh air would do us both good.

I briefly stepped back inside the office and explained to the receptionist that I was taking Sweetums home. And why.

She asked if I wanted to reschedule.

Could she not see the slightly crazed look on my face?

The tic in my eye?

I waited a few days before I rescheduled.

The next appointment will be at 8:15.

A note had been placed in Sweetums's chart to make sure we got the first appointment of the day so as to avoid a repeat performance. Snort.

They have no clue that Sweetums is already obsessing.

And that Farty the Clown is sitting in a corner...

Quietly pulling her hair out.


  1. Funny the things we think of and the comparisons made when we are under a bit of stress. I think you made a wise decision!

  2. I do the same thing…first appointment of the day.

    Once I did this and I still waited an hour because the doctor was just late. But it wasn't as ridiculous as other times.


  3. I don't blame you. I feel like they need to discount after a certain point!


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