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May 10, 2011


Dear Neighbor,

Just because I am up packing Cap'n Chaos's dinner bucket at 6 a.m. doesn't mean that I am awake. Letting your little fur ball of a house dog out to yip under my bedroom window is so not cool. YAWN.



  1. My neighbor's dog is big - with a big bark.
    He's also apparently a night owl. Erg...

    I've thought about sneaking him meat laced with benadryl. I'm afraid I'll get caught. LOL

  2. Howly dog lives on our block. He isn't happy. Or maybe he has anger issues. Or maybe the raccoon around here likes to torment him. I don't know. But he howls all the time.

    Can you get a hawk to eat the yipper? Circle of life and all that?

  3. That is rude!

    House dog. HOUSE dog. Not neighbor's yard dog. Get with the program people.


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