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May 18, 2011

Sometimes Less is More.

After 16 years, AT&T finally made us disgruntled enough to leave.

We've gone wireless.

With a different company.

I think I'm still in shock.

Wireless means limitations that I am not used to...

450 minutes a month on the telephone...

Unless the call is after 9pm during the week or after 12am weekends.

I don't talk to anyone but Ann and my Mom, so it's all good.

250 text messages a month.

I sent my first text ever the other day.

Scared one of my friends.

I thought it was like instant messaging where your name shows up.

She thought I was a creeper. BWAHAHA.

3 gigs a month of computer time.

So long Big Fish...

My guiltiest pleasure...

And, thanks to a new-fangled rabbit ear from Wal*Monster, we have 13 digital (including local) channels on television without having an outrageous monthly bill. It's been years since that's happened.

A lot of good has come from this...

Sweetums and I have become avid readers, and our family is interacting with one another better as a whole.

I still miss Silent Library though. ;o)


  1. Sometimes less *is* more. We still have a phone because of our internet cable connection but we don't have cable TV.

    We're still readers - but I think we balance the time with gaming. I've never met BigFish - but the kids use the free games at Notdoppler and Gamesbutler. Along with their favorites of PBS kids.

    The digital television revolution??? It sucks. When the wind blows or the rain comes...our tv reception is wonked. Other than that - not having cable TV is good.

  2. My husband was thinking of trying a new service as we too spend a ridiculous amount of money on phone service/cable/internet/cellphone usage. But it is a little scary sometimes to think I might have to make adjustments.

  3. YOu got hooked up with a good deal here! The added reading time is a very good thing, by the way.

  4. ATT has disappointed me, but now my new company does too. Ah well.


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