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July 1, 2013

To Catch a Thief

 The Victim... The Cat
Note that he's been unusually hungry

 Scene of the Crime
Note food scattered outside The Cat's bowl

 Egg Bomb
Note how the Perp uses a Robin egg

 Poop Bomb
Note the splat used for evil intent
Some was on the back of The Cat

Can you spot the Perp?
Eyewitness accounts place him riding The Cat... Cowboy style... pecking the victim in the head.

Perp... aka Evil Jay... Closer up

On the lam...

 Perp... Upper left...
Dive bombing the photographer

Photographer last seen running and screaming

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  1. I think the police here needs to employ you. But then you will be so over worked, rather stay and photograph more Perps.


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