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June 18, 2013

Unbelievable. SNORT.

Sweetums needs a replacement social security card.

I called the local office.

I was told to bring her shot record as proof of age.

Okay. No problem.

Or so I thought!

The representative told me that she couldn't accept Sweetums's record because she hadn't had any vaccinations in the past two years. What?!?

I thought she was joking.

The kid can't help that she doesn't need any shots!

They won't accept a birth certificate.


They will, however, accept school records...

Just not Sweetums's. 

She's homeschooled, thank you very much.

I thought I was going to go across the desk. :o/

I must get a statement from one of Sweetums's doctors bearing her date of birth and the doctor's signature.


I got the requested "document."

Two of them actually.

Just to be on the safe side.

I'm going back to the social security department.

I may fling my shirt open to expose my c-section scar.


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  1. hearing this is not good for my sanity. I have been pacifying myself that the ridiculous stuff we experience is not happening in organised countries.
    I just hope when you get to the front of the line you do not receive; the sign 'lunch time' or hear the 'supervisor not here'
    Waiting to hear it all got sorted.


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