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March 6, 2012

Got Milk?

Introducing Lil Thunder...
Sparkles and Sprinkles have a baby brother...
Born March 2, 2012 to my sister, Marie, and her hubs,"Ole Virg".
Isn't he gorgeous? I am a wee bit prejudiced.
At this time, Lil Thunder is in the NICU.
Shortly after this picture was taken, Lil Thunder "crashed".
He remains sedated and on a ventilator.
There are issues with his lungs. Possibly his heart.
I ask that you would remember him in your prayers.
That God would move in a mighty way...
We know all about miracles don't we?
I live with one every day.
Her name is Sweetums.
I can hardly wait to snuggle Lil Thunder.
Ann and I both want to steal some of that sugar under his chin. ♥


  1. Looking at a baby asleep with his arms just there, for me, is so filled with peace. May Peace rule!

  2. Poor little sweetheart! I will definitely pray for him.

  3. I had my son just a week and a half before :) We called him Chicken Little, but are already fattening him up.


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