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February 20, 2012

'tis the Season

Cold and flu season that is.

I always dread it. Shiver.

Sotos kids are prone to upper respiratory infections.

Sweetums is no exception.

My immune system isn't the best either.

I tend to hibernate from late fall to early spring to avoid sickness.

Sweetums isn't happy about staying around the house.

You'd think we've grown moss on our backs.


We've managed to avoid the hurlz-and-splatz so far.

Thank God.

Nasty head colds are a different matter.

Sweetums caught one from her Sunday school teacher.

She generously shared with me.

We both ended up on antibiotics for the sinus infections that followed.

We've not been to church since.

I'm looking forward to Easter. :o)

Just when I was starting to feel human again,

Cap'n Chaos brought home a fresh cold.

He also generously shared with me.


I can't count the boxes of tissue I've gone through.

I lost all the hide on my nose.

I also lost my voice for the better part of a week.

Much to the pleasure and amusement of Sweetums and Cap'n Chaos.

I finally got it back yesterday.

The first thing I did was RAWR at those two for bickering.

Only for a nano-second.

The looks on their faces were priceless.

I felt guilty for losing my temper...

Even guiltier because it felt good.

I asked forgiveness.

Both theirs and God's.


I'm still blowing a few smoke rings this morning.



  1. Feel better. Violet and I are still hacking and coughing and snorting here too.

  2. Sorry for that nano second.
    And also the many sick ones.

  3. I would be awfully cranky too if I were constantly getting sick!

  4. I'm a RAWR'er too at times…how are you feeling today?

  5. How are you all doing? Hope you've recovered and are doing great.


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