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March 6, 2011

American Idle

After taking a few seasons off, we've been watching American Idol.

So far, I've made these observations:

JLo and Steven Tyler are more engaging than Paula and Simon.

They are a much needed breath of fresh air.

Randy Jackson should have retired.

His "Yo, Dawg!" is as worn out as Simon Cowell's black t-shirt.


None of the girls I liked made it through.

My favorite was Emily Anne Reed.

There are some interesting males left in the competition.

I enjoy the joy with which Jacob Lusk performs, and Casey Abrams is a charming character. Not sure either are American Idol material.

They don't fit the cookie cutter.

No one but Rod Stewart should ever sing Maggie May.


Lowering the age limit to 15 may be detrimental.

Sweetums is upset because her favorite didn't make the cut.

Robbie Rosen.

"He's tall, dark, geeky, and has a big nose. Just my type!"


It was a mistake to let her watch the show past the audition stage.

I'll never forget when she became attached to Bo Bice...

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