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February 22, 2011


Forget running away to join the circus...

I have to worry about Sweetums heading for Arkansas.

Her fascination with The Duggar Family has simply got to stop.

Thoughts of birthing more than one 13 pound baby make me queasy.


  1. This is when I'm glad we can't get cable TV where we live, as I'm fairly certain I would become obsessed with the Duggars.

  2. The thought of birthing a 13 pound baby would scare me too, and more than 1, I don't blame you for feeling scared.

  3. My oldest is afraid we will end up with 19 kids!! I like the show but 4 is my LIMIT!

  4. I also was afraid that the old wives tale about each progressive baby being bigger would be true. EEP.

  5. Does she know where babies come from? She might not want to run towards that, if she knew, eh?

  6. The Duggars are still going strong.

    Barbara, Sweetums has a vague idea where babies come from. She just wants the Duggars to adopt us. LOL


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