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August 10, 2010

The Underwood Devil Made Me Do It!

The Hubs started working as the foreman of a heavy equipment crew in May.

Having him home every day by 4 pm is awesome!

The only hitch to the giddy up is packing the dinner bucket.

While the Hubs claims to not be a finicky eater, I beg to differ.

Some days there are leftovers from the night before, but, most days, I pack Hubs a sandwich along with fruit, chips, cookies, and a snack cake.

He is already burned out.

Bologna. Ham. Peanut butter and jelly. Treet Meat.

Hubs no longer finds any of them appealing.

My answer? Underwood Spread!

When I was a kid, a sandwich made with Underwood was a treat. I can remember how exciting it was to see Mom getting out that little paper covered can. I thought we were really eating fancy. I'm so not a hard girl to please.

Hubs looks at it like it's cat food on bread.

Guess what I packed in his dinner bucket today? :o)


  1. Ha! How well I remember those tasty treats made with nice soft squishy white bread!

    I'm sure there will be a big smile on his face when he opens up the ol' dinner bucket. Maybe not. Ha!

  2. I actually find lunchtime to be incredibly boring. I hate the everyday sandwich thing too!!! But I love leftovers so I would be fine with those in my lunch rather than a sandwich.


  3. I'd completely forgotten about Underwood! You're so right about how we thought it was such a treat to get it on our sandwiches when we were kids! Ha!

  4. I've never heard of it! Can it be found in any grocery store?

  5. I imagine that Underwood can be found in most grocery stores. It should be in the canned meat section where you usually find canned tuna and such. There are several flavors. My favorite is chicken! MMM

  6. It sure smells like cat food on bread...I remember my Dad eating that stuff.

  7. Hubs returned his dinner bucket along with the Underwood Spread sandwich. A co worker brought him a roast beef sandwich. Sniff.

  8. I've had about 6 months of respite. On Monday morning it start again for me.
    Diabetics must eat often - as you know. I can pack a few things, not without the help of my list, but to get him to eat it staggered through the day that is the question here.


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