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August 6, 2010

Anticipation is Keeping Me Wai-ai-ai-ting!

The watch for the UPS truck has begun!

Earlier this week I ordered our homeschool curriculum. The Rainbow Resource box will be arriving any day! Sweetums has told me that she can hardly wait for school to start this year. That did my heart a lot of good. It lets me know that I'm doing something right. The affirmation was important. ;o)

Our school year will officially begin on September 6th.

We've stocked up at the school supply sales.

I can smell the Crayolas from where I'm sitting. MMM.

Now if I can just get that Carly Simon song out of my head.

It makes me want some Heinz ketchup really bad.


  1. I am such a clever person! Eventually I found where you went. :)

    Hope the cat has changed its mind and the box came.
    Sorry to read about those numbers. How is it going?

  2. How fun to have everything all planned and just be waiting. That brown truck is always a little burst of excitement!

  3. 3 weeks until school starts! To be honest I am ready for the routine..

    The cat will love you again tomorrow!

  4. I saw the UPS truck on our street yesterday. My heart was all aflutter. He didn't stop at my house. WAH!

    Sabrina, Cat can hold a grudge a looong time.


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