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July 19, 2015

Bittersweet Victory

Sweetums has finally gotten SSI disability.

WOOT! :o)



  1. That is something to celebrate!!! Woohoo!!!!

  2. It seems strange to have an "official determination" that Sweetums has been disabled since birth. I've known it for 19 years. What took them so long? Phew

  3. I celebrate with you, although from far! Looking forward to hear of all the changes.

  4. You said you would be back ASAP. Missed you so much!!! In fact I just checked here last week to see if I had missed something. I am glad that your girl got the disability. I know it wont be much, anyway, but it is something, something you and she can count on, and now that it's done it will always be there for her. Now. where the heck have you been lady?

  5. So glad that hurdle is over!


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