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May 29, 2013


I'm having trouble with my computer. It's a Compaq Presario. A.k.a. "The Dinosaur". It's about 12 years old. I'm not sure which part is the one malfunctioning. The only things left of the original computer system are the keyboard and the tower. The speakers are also hanging on by a thread. The mouse and monitor died years ago. I'm trying to catch up with Sweetums's homeschool records and blogging as much as I can, while I can. If I happen to disappear, don't worry. I'll be back! Tell me the truth... Did you just hear Arnold Schwarzenegger? :o)


  1. Oh geez, you've got to remedy this and quick!

  2. Hearing Arni not too bad as long as we don't see you with the bulges and the fire spitting accessories ;o)

    Hope all get sorted with the least amount of hassle.


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