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May 22, 2013

Dirty Birdies

The birdies have really been busy this spring.
 There are precious babies back in that hole. Coo.
 The little darlings fight over the dryer lint.
 Then some of the sweet tweeterlings broke the vent screen and built themselves a love nest.
In the dryer hose. GACK.
 It's a wonder that it didn't start a fire. Seriously.
Thanks for dealing with all that, Cap'n Chaos.


  1. Lol to the revenge! They're all fine and dandy with their nest building until they take a little too much license with their real estate, huh?

  2. I'm thinking of adding them on to the lease. SNORT.

  3. Did you set them out-on account they do not pay rent, or did you relocate them?

  4. I'd rather have birds than wasps. We have wasps. Although I don't trust anyone who poops in the air. NOT. AT. ALL.


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