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April 9, 2013


You would think that sharing culinary duties with your significant other would be fun and possibly even a bit romantic, right? SNORT.

I've not been well lately, so, Cap'n Chaos has been pulling a lot of kitchen duty.

A few nights ago, I tried to be his sous-chef.

It will never happen again.

I peeled potatoes... 

He griped because I didn't cut them.

I was only asked to peel them.

I chopped an onion...

Too thinly.

I sliced kielbasa...

Too thickly.

The man actually re-sliced every slice.


Even if dinner did turn out pretty tasty.

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  1. thanks to the help of my friend, that one starting with a G and the many o's and gle, I also know what it is you had for dinner.

    Before here that type was basically known as sausages, now I see more different names. Sometimes at the shelf I recognise the food but have never heard of the name written on the package.

    ps. so good to hear from you.


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