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September 20, 2012

Bubble. Burst.

Some things of the past are just better...

Television shows that the whole family can watch...

Music that has lyrics you can actually understand...

Clothes that amply cover your tops and bottoms...

We enjoy a lot of blasts from the past in our house...

Like Antenna TV.

And the Partridge Family.

Sweetums: (Insert teen girl squeal) Keith is so cute!

Me: Yes, he was.

Sweetums: What do you mean was?

Me: (Oops!) I was a little bit younger than you are when Aunt Ann and I watched him on The Partridge Family.

Pregnant pause.

Sweetums: You mean he's old

Another pregnant pause.

Sweetums: What am I going to do? The good looking ones are all gone! I'll be a lonely, old spinster the rest of my life!

I haven't broken it to her about Bobby Sherman yet.


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  1. That is too funny. Maybe that why there were real spinsters before TV. ;o)))


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