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August 9, 2012

Slow Going Summer

The season has brought about many changes in our lives.

I'm able to see daylight at the end of the cardboard boxes.

We've moved twice in the past couple of months.


The first house was definitely not what I would call a home. Cap'n Chaos and one of my sisters-in-law found it and rented it. Without me. GASP. There is much to discuss on that subject alone, but I've decided that I don't want to go there. At least not in this post. Chuckle. Rawr. ;0)

The second house was/is a miracle find. I thank God every day for it and for those who made it possible for us to be able to take it. You know who you are. *SQUISH*

We are adjusting to a new town. A new neighborhood. A new life. I promise to get back in the swing. I may even fly over the swing set. Care to watch? :o)


  1. Fly fly! fly like an eagle.

  2. Goodness, that is a LOT of change.

  3. Oh I have missed you Mother!! I lost all my links and you weren't in my reader and there was great crying and gnashing of teeth like you wouldn't believe! I am so glad that in making your way through hardship that you haven't lost your sense of humor. you should email me sometimes!!! dapoppins@gmail.com


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