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August 10, 2011

My Favorite Season

I had a delightful surprise when I awoke this morning...

A taste of the autumn to come was in the air...

A lil crispness... A lil coolness... A lil chirping of crickets!

I need to hide all the underwear.

It's no old wive's tale...

Crickets really do chew holes in them.



  1. My delight is the sun is coming back to us.

    Never heard of the crickets doing thAt. By us they help us to see spring.

  2. I know that half the country is longing for cooler weather, but NOT ME! Alaska still has a little summer left, I hope . . .

  3. No! Fall is my very least favorite season of all. (Probably because it means the best season-summer is ending.)


  4. Noo, not ready for fall! I LOVE the summer :(

  5. ewww!

    But wait, I thought summer just started....(even if fall and winter are my faves)

  6. Fall is my favorite season. Spring would be second. I don't do well in extreme heat or cold, so I tend to hibernate in winter and summer. Yes, I hibernate in the summer. LOL

  7. Oh, I am so ready for fall!! And, um, is that really true? ha ha!!

  8. I had no idea about crickets and underwear. Gives "A Cricket in Times Square" a whole new meaning.


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