"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup." - A

June 3, 2011


Run the vacuum... Someone clips their toenails.

Wipe the bathroom sink... Someone clips their nose hairs.

Scrub the toilet... Someone does the green apple two step.

Degrease the stove top... Someone wants fried egg sandwiches.

Start the dishwasher... Someone sits a dirty glass on the counter.

Clean the kitchen counter... Someone makes Kool-Aid. Red.

Mop the floor... The cat yaks, or someone spills Kool-Aid. Red.

Run the washer... Find someone's dirty white sock behind the couch.

Run the dryer... Find mate to someone's white sock in load of jeans.

Why do I bother?

On the very day I don't...

Someone comes to visit.


Never fails.


  1. WOW, we must be neighbors.. And, why oh why do I finish all the dirty laundry in the house and then my teenager shows up with 2 loads he tossed in his closet!

  2. This is where our secure locking up living is a bonus. People has to let you know before they come.
    Time for a quick scan of the known hideaways, surprises still happen.

  3. oh this is the life mama warned me about!


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