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June 13, 2011

Hot Flash

I made an attempt to cook.

You can quit laughing now.


I used a Paula Deen recipe.


Being as that we all know that a watched pot never boils, I just left it alone on the stove to do its own thing. Which, after several minutes, was nothing. I couldn't figure out what I'd done wrong. :o\

Like that would be a first. Snort.

I decided to give it a little more time...

And turned the stove burner up a bit higher under the pea pot.

New recipes can be tricky sometimes...

The stress was making me feel slightly flushed.

I didn't actually break into a sweat until I started cheesing the macaroni (even though the new sauce pouch makes things a whole lot easier than that old orange powdery stuff I must say.)

The kitchen was getting hotter and hotter...

I was literally slaving over a hot stove here people...

All for the love of my sweet little family...

The fish sticks were browning nicely...

They didn't stick to the pan! Yay!

Still nothing for the peas...

As I mopped my brow for the umpteenth time I noticed that the back burner was on. The pea pot was on the front burner.



  1. Yeah, I've done that.

    I usually use the smoke detector as the timer when I make fish sticks.

    Love Paula though!

  2. Chuckle. Glad I'm not alone! :o)

  3. Its a sign!
    No home economics.

  4. LOL
    You aren't alone... I mean it's not like a gas stove where there's an actual FLAME to indicate where the cooking is supposed to happen.


  5. I am the worst cook.. My kids BEG Ian to cook when he is home. We do a lot of Japanese fast food. Its nothing like America fast food. Were talking salads, ramen, curry. Its really cheap to!

  6. Welcome to my world. I do that at least once a week. Sometimes much more often. ;)


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