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May 27, 2011

Fractured Fairy Tale

Sweetums accidentally broke a glass in the kitchen a few weeks ago.

During the clean up, I stepped on a piece.

Don't worry... I didn't feel it.

The neuropathy and all...

I checked the cut really well and didn't find any glass.

I kept it clean and disinfected...

Alcohol, antibiotic cream, nice cushy bandages...

You all know the drill. ;o)

Every now and then, the cut would start bleeding.

That wasn't unusual because of where it was located. Right?

The day before yesterday, Cap'n Chaos looked at my foot in the sun.

Guess what?


The piece of glass was still in my foot.

Thankfully, Cap'n Chaos is not squeamish.

I, however, tried not to pass out while he plucked out the offender...

The closest thing to a glass slipper that this ole gal will ever see.



  1. *shudder*

    Glad it's out now....
    but seriously.

  2. Oh, yes double shudders. I am squeamish.

    Glass slipper ho,ho,ha,hi,hi I'm saying as the water and tablet, I tried to take, is running down my nose.


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