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May 1, 2011


I cried in the Wal*Monster.

Right there between the sour cream and the Entenmenns display.

Not because of ever inflating prices or because they weren't carrying my latest obsession- Cheesy Cheddar BBQd Cheetos.

It was because of a little old lady.

Little old ladies come in several catergories...

There are the spry, super charged ones that are ready to take on any challenge...

There are the grumpy ones that click their tongues in scorn and then try to take you out with their buggy...

There are also the sweet, slightly confused ones that need help locating things...

And then...

There was this one.

She stood out from the crowd.


She reminded me of my Mamaw.

A little brown wren.

A plaid house dress, granny sandals, a white sweater, a graying bun simply adorned with a few bobby pins and hair combs...

Her appearance took my breath away.

I got all choked up.

I had to speak to her...

It's a wonder that she didn't think that I was a total lunatic.

Instead, she opened her arms wide and enfolded me in an embrace.

She even smelled like my Mamaw...

A mixture of clean soap, rich earth, and warm sunshine.

I was transported back in time.

When the embrace ended, the little old lady ask God to bless me.

And I knew that she really meant it. :o)


  1. That is such a sweet story. ^_^
    Sometimes we just need a hug.

  2. What a great story to share, I was crying reading it too.

  3. Aww, I got all misty just reading that. I bet you made her day too. ((hugs))

  4. Awwww! There aren't many of little old ladies left of the Mamaw type. I was thinking just the other day of how it was a special treat for us girls to be the one to take Mamaw's hair down for her at night to brush and braid it. I miss her. Wah!!!

  5. I remember how special I felt when I was the one chosen to brush out her hair. If we pulled, she never said. :o)

    I miss her too. WAH!!!

  6. I get it. I totally get it, because I have silently weeped several times when I saw little old men that reminded me of my dad.

    Big hugs, sweetie.


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