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March 30, 2011

Rubble Without a Cause

I have a rather hearty laugh.

I've been known to snort on occasion.

But something happens to me when I get nervous...

My chortle is replaced with a Betty Rubble teeter.

I can hear myself, but am powerless to stop myself.

Making important phone calls fills me with dread.

High-pressure face to face appointments are torture.

Like going to have our taxes done...

Which we just did.



I suspect it may be genetic.

My Mom and my sister Ann are also afflicted.

So far, Sweetums doesn't appear to have inherited the Rubble blood.

She laughs like Snoopy.


  1. I get that giggle when I'm nervous! I remember my kids getting their vaccinations and I would be giggling. I felt like such an idiot!

  2. I think you need to post a video/audio with that teeter. I am having a hard time hearing it.

  3. lol…and hey, snoopy is cute (but he laughed?? i thought he was silent)

  4. My kids always make fun of me because I laugh when I'm trying to give someone "what for"...I don't sound mean at all...just goofy!

  5. You can't listen to Snoopy laugh and not start laughing yourself.

    Tell Sweetums I finally finished my own hat to go with my scarf. I'll send her a picture of me in it. But when I'm not so tired. I don't look like my usual pretty self tonight. *cue Snoopy laughing and falling off his chair again*

  6. Love Snoopy's laugh. So contagious.


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