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March 16, 2011

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow.

We've shared our lives with The Little People for 13 years.

There have been birthdays, anniversaries, adoptions, holiday celebrations, illnesses, soul-stirring church services...

I made all of the the children costumes out of construction paper and Kleenex for the Christmas play one year.

Yea. I'm crafty like that. Snicker.

We've experienced the tragic loss of one of the families. :o(

(Don't ask. It's too painful to talk about.)

Last weekend, The Little People packed it all in.

Sweetums closed up her dollhouses.

She said it was time.

They now sit lined up on a shelf in the garage...

Covered by a sheet to protect them from dust.

And critters.

I am truly blessed that the "age of play" has lasted this long.

I wouldn't take anything for even one of the countless hours spent in the heart of my daughter's imagination.

The Little People themselves were placed in a see through container that Sweetums placed gingerly in her closet.

"That way I can take them out and talk to them when I want to."

I may just do that sometime myself.




  1. I was shocked when I learned of their departure. They were very good friends to her indeed. WAH!

  2. That's funny that you saved them because I saved only three toys and one of them was the Little People!

  3. It is so sad when our babies tuck away once loved toys. They just don't understand the trauma that our hearts go through when they do this...


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