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January 11, 2011

The Birds and The Bees

This week, we are studying the two types of reproduction.

Asexual and sexual.

There are some subjects I sort of tip-toe around.

Picking and choosing what to tell Sweetums and when.

Then came the gametes.

And the spwerm. (Misspelled on purpose)

I gave the whole spwerm looking like a tadpole speech.

Don't laugh.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that was given that analogy.

Sweetums looked at the picture in her science book for a second...

"or a rat without ears."



  1. well, now that she mentions it....

  2. You two are so funny.
    Think we need your help here at this time, specially when we have to do such a lesson.

  3. What else would she say? (Being your daughter and all). I've missed you, too, and hope you read this soon - meaning you are no longer internetless!

    (I've been reading your comments on old posts of mine. Need you there again.) Sniff.



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