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December 18, 2010

Now why didn't I think of that?

Emily and I finally got to the Christmas presents this morning.

I've been putting it off...

I am not a good wrapper.

The paper is never straight, and the edges are always raggedy.

My bows won't stick.

By the time I'm finished, the gift has a generally mauled over appearance.

Sincerest apologies to anyone on the receiving end of my efforts.

*Hanging head in shame*

I took the brightly colored rolls out of their package with much trepidation...


O what joy! The paper had little lines on the back! And pictures of little pairs of scissors showing me exactly where to cut! Bliss!

Made the experience much more enjoyable. And neater.

Then I began really thinking about the diagram...

About the person that dreamed up the idea...

It had to be a someone just like me!

I could have made millions!

This marvel could be worth nothing less, of course. ;o)

If only I hadn't been so busy trying to extract myself from the invisible tape...


  1. Bags and boxes does not need any thing that is not provided. I can place a lid back where I found it.

  2. Yes, but when your buying the paper, you never seem to be able to tell if it is going to be the good helpful kind, or the cheap, easily tearing, non-helpful kind!!!

  3. Violet noticed the lines on the back of the paper that wrapped her gift from you. She thought it was the coolest thing too.


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