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December 6, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Emily's Christmas tree has been up for a few days now.

I finally put the lights on it last night.

It was a daunting task.

It took a whole strand of 60.

The tree is 3 feet tall.

I also hung an ornament on it.

Yes, one.

I'll get to the other 14 today.




  1. I love the way you pace yourself!

  2. Those 3-footers are the most challenging! ;)


  3. 3 feet? = about the same size as our tree that is still collecting dust in the box. This year I promised myself a well decorated Christmas home. Maybe it is time to go fetch it and do something then.

  4. You go girl! You are on your way. What a great idea with the 3 foot tree. Hope she loves it as well.

  5. Finished it off this morning with a few candy canes. Emily is VERY happy. :o)

  6. I don't know what to be more astounded by, that you know the number of lights and ornaments, or that you know exactly the number of lights and ornaments...cause I have no idea. None. Nada. I know there are packages that have the number of lights on them and it should be important, but I never seem to see beyond size and color...if the strand isn't long enough I'd just combine it with one that worked...and still not read the number of lights. LOL


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