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September 9, 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

The time has come...

The move officially starts tomorrow... EEK!

I will be without internet for a while.

The is no dsl available out on the farm.

We did notice a Hughesnet dish...

I don't think a coat hanger and a piece of tin foil will cut it.

I would enjoy snail mailing if anyone is interested?

Sweetums likes getting snail mail too. ;o)

Turning comments off in the morning. Sniffle.

When I found out we that would have no connection, I cried.

You can't take my computer! All of my friends live in there! WAH.


  1. that WOULD SUCK!!!!!
    I would cry. It would be the first thing--- VERY first thing I would fix!!!!

  2. Wha!!!!? I will snail mail you. I need someone to practice "good mail" art on. You know, envelops I draw and glue stuff all over, just don't expect me to be consistent.

    where the heck is your email...I had it once...!

    email me or soemthing so I can send you my addy.


Comments also taste good with ketchup. GRIN.