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August 30, 2010

What's in a Name?

I finally found a nickname for Hubs...

Captain Chaos.

He may not be more powerful than a locomotive or able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, but he does have the ability to survey all the obvious madness around him and be completely unaffected. Da-da-da-daaa!

That would be considered a super power right?

Case in point...

We are moving.

I have less than 2 weeks to pack up this house.

Stress makes my fibromyalgia 1,000 times worse.

There is not one single piece of peanut brittle anywhere.

Sweetums is both anxious and excited.

There is a fine line between those two emotions.

She's bouncing off the walls...

And the furniture...

Singing show tunes (My Fair Lady), Johnny Cash, and The Cattle Call.

Cardboard boxes are taking over.

I have nightmares about cardboard boxes...

A.k.a. cockroach motels.


There are 2 clothes hampers and 1 clothes basket that are full to brimming.

Dirty dishes are appearing out of thin air.

I think Cat has ear mites.

He nipped Sweetums for the first time ever.

We've had Cat for 3 years.

There is a mosquito in here somewhere.

I have pink polka dots.

So does Sweetums.

She is allergic. SIGH.

A bald spot has developed in the front of my head.

Hair is also falling out in other areas of my body that I simply refuse to discuss, yet, it continues to flourish on my chin. What's up with that?

My left butt cheek has gone numb.

I have to learn to "cook" with a gas stove.

We have 5 new utilities and services to connect.

4 old ones to disconnect.

Did I mention less than 2 weeks?

Captain Chaos strolled in last night and asked me what was for supper.


  1. 2 weeks? Oh Mother. I would offer a hand, but your a few states away. I hope the new place will offer many many blessings to you and yours and the cat.

  2. That it quick! Sympathy and hugs.

    I think that is referred to as male pattern boldness, got to do with upset hormones caused by other difficulties placing stress on the inside parts of our bodies. Sugar and flour are big friends of this difficulty.

  3. Do NOT start freaking me out about cardboard and roaches. Please, please, please. I'm packing too!

  4. I am the queen of cardboard boxes.

    Just calm down. You're overreacting.

    Where have I heard that?

  5. This too shall pass. Just hang in there!

    Have you tried not eating wheat to ease your fibro symptoms? Read my whole story at Gluten Free Easily - http://glutenfreeeasily.com

  6. Hang in there.... men are totally clueless. So I have a question if he is Captain Chaos are you the Chaos Wrangler??

  7. Moving? Did I miss something.. I thought you just moved?

    I would have handed the good ol' captain a spatula and skillet...

    Good Luck with the move!!!

  8. Well, he does bring it all down to survival, doesn't he? Food. Opposite messages above as to what to eat, eh? While you do not have to cook, CC has a point. Eat, and in between, take care of the rest. Sweetum's chool can be helping pack/move, eh? Lotsa people care about your family. Make the packing a prayer. Hugs, Barbara


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