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August 16, 2010

The UPS Man Cometh...

And he leaveth our box of goodies from Rainbow Resource!

Actually, he more like threweth it on the doorstep and raneth.

I've never seen a UPS man that is more stealthy.

Never knocks. Never rings the doorbell.

We just open the door to find surprises.

Sort of like when Cat brings us presents, only much better.

The only thing I couldn't get my hands on is the Karyn Henley devotional. I opted for Beautiful Girlhood and its Companion Guide instead. I'm hoping that it will teach Sweetums and I both how to be more gracious ladies. :o)

Old dragons can learn too. ;o)


  1. It sounds like the UPS man could use a lesson on graciousness too!

    I hope you enjoy the goodies!

  2. That UPS man is very sly, sneaky even!

  3. At least you have evidence that you have a UPS man. We only have a post office we have to go to. And sometimes we have to argue to get our own parcel.
    Hope the school fever still runs high.

  4. We had one book that was on back order. I'm thinking of laying a trap for the UPS man... I just haven't figured out what to bait it with yet.


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