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August 4, 2010

A Dozen Challenges for August

1. I will not give relationship advice to my Mom.

2. I will ignore the fact that my Dad has been having an affair the last 20 years.

3. I will fill out all the packets the bank needs... Loss mitigation... Short sale... Deed in lieu of foreclosure... Without feeling like I have failed my husband.

4. I will not kick Tar Baby's butt for being neglectful of Itty Bitty.

5. I will not kick Tar Baby's butt for being disrespectful of her Dad.

6. I will keep at least 100 miles from Tar Baby so that I will keep #s 5 and 6.

7. I will clean this house from top to bottom before Sweetums starts school.

8. I will have a good laugh every time I read this list and reach #8.

9. I will put flea drops on Cat even though he will hate me.

10. I will talk Hubs into doing #9 so that Cat will hate him, not me.

11. I will not cringe every time I hear the voice of Johnny Cash.

12. I will blog regularly. It's a lot cheaper than therapy. ;o)


  1. Stress? What stress???

    Love ya bunches!

  2. I don't know whether to laugh or cry reading your list—I feel your pain and yet you make me laugh!

  3. Love you too, Sis!

    Kim, if I couldn't laugh, I would sink.

  4. You know I think it would be okay if you continued to cringe when listening to Johnny Cash. He did always sing a bit off key. I think you can give yourself a break on that one. :-)

    Wishing you luck on the rest.

  5. i was just wondering how ity bity was doin. She must be gettin to be a big girl...is the Cave Man still around? Can you kick his butt? Maybe you can make him put the drops on the cat.

    poor cat. But an angry cat is way better than a house of fleas.

  6. Itty Bitty turned 2 in May. :o)

    Tar Baby kicked Cave Man to the curb a long time ago. For no apparent reason other than that he was getting on her nerves. They are still married. Snort.


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